Heavy Duty Vehicles & Machines

Redi Nautica is a leading company in the field of naval services in the port of Durres.
The company possesses a number of heavy duty vehicles and machines to cope with any work challenge. Please contact us for any additional information, we are happy to help.

100 ton Naval Crane
"Adem Reka"

The most famous naval crane in Albania "Adem Reka" has been restored to the Naval Port of Durres where after an investment in its maintenance and service, Redi Nautica has added it to the arsenal of heavy machinery it possesses. The naval crane named "Adem Reka" can be considered as the most famous crane in our country. the historical symbol of the Port of Durres and of the Albanian sea. The crane is a was manufactured by the Hungarian company GANZ with 100-ton lifting capacity. The crane is not exactly a ship but a floating platform that has a crane on its deck, which makes it very useful for various marine services in the Port of Durrës.

Redi Nautica as a leading company in naval services in the Port of Durres has invested in the historic "Adem Reka" naval crane not only to add more services for large tonnages lifting project but also to maintain a historic part of Port of Durres and all of Albania. The "Adem Reka" sea crane is 100% functional and ready for any project!

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Redi Nautica offers three tugboats of different tonnage.

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Excavator and mini-excavator

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Volvo vetëshkarkuese

Redi Nautica disponon mjete Volvo me 3 akse vetëshkarkuese.

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JCB diggers

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Heavy duty cranes

Redi Nautica disposes two 100-tons heavy duty cranes from Ruston and American 999

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